Donna Grantis, Atma Anur, Barend Courbois: 2012 European Tour with Donna Grantis

2012 European Tour Donna Grantis ft. Electric band.Starla & Elektra With Barend Courbois cour bois (bass) & ATMA Anur
Press Quotes: "Her music is an outright acquisition and does much straightforward blues rock of today pale." - Guitar Game to your finger-licking !! Donna is a fusion Gitar
ist, with influences from Jimmy Hendrix and Jeff back.Besides her fabulous technique explores Donna Grantis also new musical areas, such as Jimi Hendrix did and Jeff Beck still does.
Rooted in blues with soul-jazz influences and classic rock attitude, Donna Grantis Electric Band is a psychedelic fusion trio.De group's debut album, 'Hotel' is a concept album with two suites of original instrumental music lover named Donna's PRS Guitars: Electric and Starla.Blues and rock is the basis of this CD, but the Canadian guitarist Donna Grantis is a rocker at heart who effortlessly different musical styles such as blues, rock, jazz and funk knows how to combine. " "Grantis alternately echoes whisper-to-a-scream blues snippets of Hendrix, Jeff Beck and Eric Clapton before exploring feels from metal to jazz." - Abstract Logix "The full impact of Grantis is her live performance: the interaction with other musicians on stage, the improvisational wizardry, and the sheer passion That can be felt ... The natural high on-stage spread to the audience, with folks alternating between being completely spellbound and shaking Their heads in amazement. "- Sticky Magazine"Donna Grantis is freakin 'ridiculous! Her guitar tracks are killin' it!"