Fred Brum, Rob Chappers: Fred Brum - Laney VH100R - Nebula

Fred Brum
And here's the Laney Amplification VH100R in action, using one of my most abused axes, the blue Jaden Rose Guitars Spider 8-string. As usual, no post-processing mega-tricks here, and there's a SND Redemptionist thrown in for the arpeggiated bits, showcasing how the amp reacts to drive pedals.

Hope you guys enjoy!

My album Atonement is available (along with a free downloadable track at - please give it a listen. :)

As I've been wanting to get myself an Ironheart 60 head, I went over to Laney Portugal's warehouse to give it a try. Unfortunately, the amp was, contrary to expectations, sold out. Not so unfortunately, a lovely number of old acquaintances (used them countless times in the past) such as the GH50L and the VH100R were sitting in their boxes, begging to be properly initiated.

As I hadn't had some quality time with the VH100R for quite a good while, it seemed like a good time to give it a spin and demo it using my song Nebula. As usual, it's pretty much quite the raw mic'd sound with the addition of analog delay models when mixing for the whole spacey ambience thing I love so dearly.

The guitar is my trusty blue Jaden Rose Spider 8-string, and the signal chain is either guitar straight to amp or using my fantastic SND Redemptionist, showcasing how pedal friendly the clean channel actually is. Cab is a Laney 4x12" loaded with V30's and it was mic'd with an SM57, which was plugged straight into my Presonus 22 VSL.

Hope you guys enjoy the vid! :)

Again, many thanks to Chappers for his fab lead on this track!

Fred Brum - Laney VH100R - Nebula (feat. Rob Chapman)