Raj Krishna, Blake Rurik: Path - Stop This World

Video edited by Warunki Media. Stop This World produced by Dave Shannon and OmnisighT, music by Krishna/Warunki, lyrics by Krishna:

Light just fades away into a darker day
a mother and a child dying all the while
they say they're helping you as they run you through
the execution lies behind the corporate eyes

can we be better than this?
can we learn learn to love again?
can we see clearer than this?
clearer than this

...don't tell me it's too late, I know it's not too soon
please just stop this world and this sadness
there's one more major coup, a time for peaceful rule
please just stop this world...
please just stop this world...

OmnisighT's single "Stop This World" from the album "Path" can be streamed and purchased on iTunes worldwide and Bandcamp:


OmnisighT - Stop This World (Promo Video) * HD *