Simon Kinny-Lewis: Country Fried Chicken after Strat Attack

http://www.sklblues.comHere's a little taste of some of my Country Rock playing... I will be releasing my new country album entitled " Country Fried Chicken " soon after "Strat Attack" it features some total bad ass musicians on it!
Christian Howes - Violin ( Robben Ford, Joel Rosenblatt, Bobby Floyd )
Ric Fierabracci - Bass ( Brett Garsed, Frank Gambale, Chick Corea )
Hamilton Harden - Drums ( Christian Howes, Kenny Anderson )
Michael Azzopardi - Keys ( The Strange music of Reality, M D Jersey Boys )
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Boss eBand JS-8 featuring Simon Kinny-Lewis "Fast Crunch"

Boss eBand JS-8 featuring Simon Kinny-Lewis "Piano Rock"