Taras Umanskiy, Viacheslav Kavlenas: Volumes - Two-One - super heavy!!

Heavier than a squadron of T34's! This is a tribute video-cover from members of [AMATORY], CHANGE OF LOYALTY, STIGMATA with big respect and thanks for great music!

Editing - Eric http://vk.com/r1kka, http://vk.com/iheartnine
Camera - Maria Mitrofanova http://vk.com/mitrofanova_m
Sound - Leonid http://vk.com/po_records
Drums - Daniil Svetlov of [AMATORY] http://www.amatory.ru/ ,http://vk.com/amatoryofficial
Guitar - Taras Umanskiy of STIGMATA http://stigmata.ru/2011/ ,http://vk.com/stigmataband
Guitar - Viacheslav Kavlenas of CHANGE OF LOYALTY -http://www.facebook.com/changeofloyalty , http://vk.com/changeofloyaltyband

Volumes - Two-One (Cover)