Yngwie Malmsteen: to visit the house of commons

Yngwie Malmsteen has been asked to be a patron for "Rock The House",

Yngwie: "I am very honored and excited to be patron of the 'Rock The House'. It is for a great cause, and I am looking forward to being there."

"The 'Rock The House' competition, raising awareness of intellectual property and live music issues with parliamentarians, is indeed a 'Rising Force' in Parliament, attracting 165 MPs to take part last year making it the largest parliamentary event this year. The target, with Yngwie's support, is over 200 MPs.

"On September 20, Yngwie Malmsteen and [his wife/manager] April Malmsteen will be given a private tour of the Houses of Parliament and later a private event."

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The main competition web site www.rockthehouse2012.com.