Dean Murphy: RG2228 tapping and shredding on the 8

Ive decided this is going to be the title track off my upcoming EP which will be all clean 8 string guitar. again this a piece filled with emotion but pretty much just happiness, gone through allot of stuff lately and came out on top, never been happier but regardless, hope you enjoy it, dont forget to check out my personal facebook music page for constant updates on this project and all my other projects coming to materialize and feel free to ask me any questions. hope you enjoy

Dean Murphy RG2228 Clean Tapping Song - A Strange and Delightful Turn of Events

Started a new project with a few badass men accross the country we will have stuff up soon but i got really excited about this song so i decided to do a video run through of it, ill keep you all posted on the status of the group, it's going to be called On The Shoulders of Giants, hope you guys enjoy the song, its fun as hell to play.

Here is a link to my personal page where i will do videos breaking down certain techniques and such both for my solo clean music and for all projects im involved in

RG2228 8 string guitar - On The Shoulders of Giants song 1