Derryl Gabel,Lalle Larsson: new guest appearance

Derryl Gabel: A few months ago I was invited by the great composer and guitarist, Chanan Hanspal, to play a guest solo on his new fusion album entitled "Ephemeral Morph". I played on the track, "Any Old Iron". This was a great honor and privilege to have this opportunity. Check out the album at

Any Jeff Lorber ( keyboardist for super fusion group, The Yellowjackets ) fans out there would be interested to know that he also played on this album as well.

I highly recommend this album to any fans of The Yellow Jackets, Chick Corea Elektric Band, Pat Metheny Group, John Scofield, Frank Zappa, and Tribal Tech to name a few.

I am probably the least of all the musicians on this album. It's intensely good, good, very good!

I also recently hooked up with I posted a short ad on my youtube channel promoting their cabinets. Please check it out. While you're there, please subscribe if you haven't already.

Just started work on a new DVD. Should be out soon. Also finished up the transcription of "Funnels" from the 1992 REH instructional DVD entitled "Allan Holdsworth". I transcribed the entire tune, chords, chord comping, and the solo in the Power Tab format so it's in tab and standard notation. I slowed the video down to get the fingerings dead on.

I'll be talking about this and how I transcribed the tune in my new DVD.

I sent the transcription to one of my students to proof read and this is what he wrote

"An outstanding achievement! This must be the best quality tab of his playing anywhere by anyone, you should feel very proud." Jon Hepworth ( professional guitarist from the UK )

Have a great week and I'll be in touch when the new DVD is ready.

Your dedicated guitar teacher,

Derryl Gabel