Fidel de Jesus,Karlo Li: Dark Crayola - the dynamic duo!

Hi guys! First of all, We would like to thank you all for your support! Especially our Demolition Dream Team Xtreme (DDTX) brothers from Il Nomine Patris, Oh Man! Oh God! and Ophidia! Many thanks also to our bro, Adam Mousa for making this possible! As a token of our appreciation, we'd like to share this playthrough video we've made for you all! Feel free to share this video too! :)

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Mp3 of this video is available for download at our Reverbnation page:

We've also posted it here at our facebook!

Short gear info and signal chain:
All the bass and drum tracks are MIDI programmed and all the guitar tracks are reamped with the Wampler Triple Wreck pedal (used as preamp) and plugged it at the fx return of the Orange Dark Terror. As for the reamping stage, it's pretty much of a approach. We didn't even have reamping gear and even used a snare mic during the reamping. Slight compression is added to all the guitar tracks. Delay and slight midboost are added to leads and solos.

Reamping signal chain:
Laptop 1 - Wampler Triple Wreck - FX return of Orange Dark Terror - DIY 1x12 closed back cabinet loaded with a Celestion Rocket Speaker - Snare Mic (WTF!?) - Line 6 Toneport GX - Laptop 2

00:11-00:48 A Brother's Betrayal
00:49-01:07 Race With Destiny
01:08-01:13 Ascent Of Aquarius
01:14-01:58 Sacred Unison
01:59-02:13 Purpose In Life*
02:14-02:40 A Brother's Betrayal
02:41-02:42 Egg Asylum
02:43-03:14 Sacred Unison
03:15-03:20 Ascent Of Aquarius
03:21-03:46 Race With Destiny
03:47-04:38 Purpose In Life*
04:39-05:01 Egg Asylum
05:02-06:22 "NEW SONG"

Check out the live performances of our songs at these links!
A Brother's Betrayal - (special thanks to Ron of Il Nomine Patris for this video)
Race With Destiny -
Sacred Unison -
Ascent Of Aquarius -
Egg Asylum -
Purpose In Life (going to change this song soon!)

Hope you enjoy guys! :)

Guitar Duo Medley (WATCH IN HD!!!!)