George Lynch: Don Dokken "I'm done, I'm tired of playing with George" When all the things were happening between you and [former DOKKEN guitarist] George Lynch, with the turmoil and the tension, did you ever think about giving up on this business and just saying, "I'm done. I'm tired of all this fighting"?

Don: No. I mean, I just thought, I'm done, I'm tired of playing with George. Because here we were at the top of our careers, we're becoming superstars, and every day we should've been kissing the ground and saying, "Thank you, God, for this blessing that we've been so lucky to have a successful career and you've got one guy in the band that's like completely always trying to make it unpleasant and miserable." It was really sad, you know. He ruined my dream because he just complained constantly. I think it was just his personality. Some people thrive on misery and I don't. And that was our big problem, with George and I. So yeah, when I broke the band up in 1988, I said, "I just can't take it anymore." We're doing great, we're playing stadiums, hundred thousand people a day, and every day there's a problem, every day there's complaining, every day there is drugs and arguments and it just made it a really unpleasant experience. It's kind of sad.