Jake Woodward: Desolate Dreams EP progressive teaser

Unmastered teaser of the upcoming debut EP from Desolate Dreams.
OUT 3/11/12. (Watch in 720p)

1. The Burning Leaves
2. I'm On a Boat
3. The Chinese Garden (featuring Ben Eames)
4. The Spider's Nest
5. Tempest
6. Idle Growth
7. ffopir!
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Jake Woodward: Composition, guitar, engineer, producer
Ronnie Woodward: Drum programming
Mastered by Acle Kahney
Logo by Chris Horst at Horst Type Foundry

Art by Austin Peters at AIP | ART
Desolate Dreams is the project of guitarist Jake Woodward, from Edinburgh, Scotland. Encompassing many styles of progressive rock and metal, with some hints of fusion and other influences, Jake is just now releasing his debut EP. With influence from Dream Theater, Periphery, Tesseract, Symphony X and many more, this is set to be a release not to be missed! Jake also studies music in Edinburgh, and plays with a variety of different musicians on other musical projects.

Desolate Dreams: Debut EP TEASER