Joe Stump: interviewed by Berklee Groove

Berklee Groove: Congratulations on releasing your new album! What was the writing and recording process for that like?
Joe Stump: I’m always playing, practicing, and composing, so the tracks on the new record were written over a period of many months.  I recorded all the guitars at home this time around. I have a very modest home recording setup but manage to get killer guitar tones so it works out really well. If I’m feeling inspired I can go into my work room, track, and get a bunch done. If one day it’s not happening, I’ll just hang back and not work that day. The keys, bass, and drums were all done in various studios and of course the mixing and mastering as well.
BG: How does the overall sound of Revenge of the Shredlordcompare to your previous releases, or your role in bands such as Raven Lord and HolyHell?
JS: My new record solo-wise is my best to date, but of course just about every artist says that about every new record they make. But every aspect of this record is a step up and then some. The playing, compositions, guitar tones and overall production are all notches above my previous solo efforts. I’ve been at this a long time, so I’m always trying to improve my craft in all areas. It’s very cool when it all comes together. Even though I write tunes for HolyHell and contribute in many other areas, it’s very much a band thing. The Ravenlord bit I’ve just recently got involved with.