John Huldt: A Permanent State of Transformation new CD

Hello there!

I'm stoked to announce that my new album. "A Permanent State Of Transformation" is finally available for download/purchase on:

Since I'm doing this all on my own, I REALLY need all the help I can get in getting the word out. If you could share this with your friends (invite them to this event!) and/or write a review on the link above I would be eternally grateful :)

You can still hear the whole thing for free at but if you like it and want to support my musical efforts, please purchase it at

Thank you so much from the bottom of my heart for all your support and kind words. I would be nothing without you :)


John Huldt: A Permanent State of Transformation

A Permanent State of Transformation

1. Prelude in the Key of Awesome 2:03
2. Vamanos! 4:01
3. The Ballad for Santa Monica 3:44
4. Bretnik Is Getting Married 4:41
5. Olaf the Viking's Trip to Egypt 6:50
6. The Chase Through the Haunted House 6:22
7. The Funeral 4:54
8. Business in the Front, Party in the Back 3:28
9. Till Morsan 5:49
10. I Woke Up This Morning