Keith Merrow: EMG 707/EMTY Blackout 7 Comparison

Playing around with the new Seymour Duncan EMTY Blackout pickup for 7-string to see how it compares to an EMG 707. As always, same guitar and amp settings for both pickups. The only post processing on the guitars is a high pass filter. Can you hear the subtleties between these pickups? The Blackouts- The EMG 707- Signal chain- Agile "Vader" 725 - ProTone Dead Horse OD - Rhodes Colossus H100 (lead 1, all knobs set to 12 o'clock) - Nomades 2x12 cab - SM57 mic - Presonus Firestudio interface - Presonus Studio One Pro DAW. Amp- Rhodes Colossus H-100 DAW- Presonus Studio One Pro (v2) ProTone Pedal- Cabinet- You can buy that super sexy shirt I'm wearing and support my good buddy Ola Englund- The Tuning on this is drop A, 9-62 strings, I do not have tabs for this song. Intro sample by Kevin McLeod at