Marques Junior: two original tracks posted

Marques Junior was born in Rio de Janeiro and had contact with music since childhood. At seven years of age began to take its first chords on the guitar from his cousins, who influenced him with bossa nova. A few years later, around the age of thirteen he began to listen to bands like Metallica, Iron Maidem among other metal bands.

Over the years decided to study music seriously. Listened to musicians like Paul Gilbert, Steve Vai, Yngwie Malmsteen, Vinnie Moore, Impellitter, Al Di Meola and Greg Howe. Developed rapidly thirteen hours a day studying, playing with various bands and ministries of your city. Later improved if listening to jazz and fusion as Frank Gambale, Scotty Henderson and Tal Farlow.

Throughout his career, Marques Junior played a big role, playing with Chris Duran, Baby Brazil, Oficina G3, Sacred Fruit and others. Today, it has a prominent channel in Youtube website with more than 116,000 views, 800,000 video views and 2200 subscribers to your channel.

Canal do Youtube:

Music recorded at Studio Outside
Guitar Solo: Marques Junior
Battery: Ewduardo Moura
Download: Diego Telles
Guitarra basic Diego Telles

Another original

Original Celestial Oil - Marques Junior