Matt Moliti: The Cleansing Fires - 14 seconds of high metal class arpeggio

Arpeggios of Death - Connecting Shapes to Form Huge Lines

For this week, I thought I'd focus more on an actual lesson style post. I'm still not really quite sure what direction this blog is going to go in (thoughts on musical subjects with the occasional lesson or vice versa) so if anyone is out there reading, please let me know what interests you more!

I wanted to showcase how I string together arpeggio shapes to come up with some pretty scary runs. The sample for today will be a lick I've been using live to start off the solo from the Dark Empire song Humanity Dethroned, the title track from our 2nd album. The lick as a whole encompasses nearly 4 full octaves, so the effect is pretty dramatic. Before getting started, I should note that I tune down one whole step on a 7 string guitar (ADGCFAD). You don't need a 7 string to play this lick, but I will be referring to the notes as they sound in pitch, not by position.

Matt Moliti - The Cleansing Fires First Solo