Neal Schon: The Calling - turning heads!

Neal Schon: The Calling

1. The Calling 4:41
2. Carnival Jazz 6:24
3. Six String Waltz 3:34
4. Irish Field 1:13
5. Back Smash 6:18
6. Fifty Six (56) 5:21
7. True Emotion 3:59
8. Tumbleweeds 6:49
9. Primal Surge 3:50
10. Blue Rainbow Sky 3:37
11. Transonic Funk 4:38
12. Song of the Wind II

This twelve track CD sees a welcome return of one of the guitar greats. Neal George Joseph Schon (born February 27, 1954) is an American rock guitarist, songwriter, and vocalist best known for his work with the bands Journey and Bad English. He is the only member of Journey to have recorded on all of the band's albums. He was also a member of the rock band Santana before forming Journey.

With this album Neal Schon delivers guitar playing with a modern edge. Schon is joined by two well known keyboard masters in the shape of Igor Len and Jan Hammer. Igor is an accomplished classical, jazz and film composer is featured on acoustic piano throughout The Calling. Jan needs no real introduction being a Grammy award winner and having worked with Jeff Beck, Mahavishnu Orchestra... delivering two great Moog synthesizer solos on two of the tracks. Add to the mix... one of the worlds greatest drummer, Steve Smith.

You never know how these things are going to work out, if you'll be hearing a lumbering giant or riding on the the back of a sure fire winner! Well, I am pleased to announce folks that it is the latter! Production is great through out, and what amazes me is that the whole thing was captured in just four day at Fantasy Studios during a break from Journey's busy touring schedule. His playing is scintillating and measured, no shred fest, but rather measured atmospheric pieces and all out rockers, blended with Schon's skillful guitar touch and years of guitar know-how. It's certainly as good as, if not better than, recent Joe Satriani solo releases.

The tracks themselves are musical soundscapes for Neal's powerful lead guitar playing, deft touches of the bar, great vibrato work to shine through. Blend in some more more ethnic touches and magnificent jazz piano Igor Len on tracks like Fifty Six (56) and it becomes a musical juggernaut of awesome proportions! This is something you want on repeat, don't just sit there with your headphones on, seek out your favourite chair, set your stereo to a reasonably loud volume, certainly loud enough for your neighbours to hear how much you are enjoying the twelve taunting tracks... and, with their heads turning, wait for that firm knock on your front door... and... well tell them I told you to do it!
Great stuff, add this one to your recommend list!

Neal Schon - The Calling (Official Video)