Nick Ioannou: Win and ML2 guitar competition

Win  a Chapman guitar - closes November 30th 2012



Chapman Guitars ML-2 #002 - Nick's personal guitar

Sponsorship deal with - Promotion and channel advice/tips


The competition is open worldwide, and is open to everyone - you don't need to have a following or a band to be eligible to win

Your entry is open to interpretation - a riff, solo, song, arrangement, composition... anything goes

Backing tracks can be used, however you cannot use backing tracks or re-submit videos that were used in previous competitions

You may upload as many different entry videos as you like - newly-created videos for the contest will be weighted much heavier for the shortlist

Your hands must be visible when playing

Title your video(s) as "Nick's 'Play Me Some Music' Contest - yournamehere"

Entries must be uploaded as a response to this video (it may take some time for responses to show up - don't panic)

To be eligible to win, you must subscribe to Nick's channel

Likes and Dislikes are not taken into consideration during the judging stage

Entries close at midnight GMT, November 30th

If your video does not meet the above criteria, it will be removed from the Video Responses queue. You may re-submit it after correcting any outstanding issues - feel free to shoot me a PM if you need help with this


The winner will be announced in December. Join me on Facebook to keep updated -

Nick's 'Play Me Some Music' Contest - Win a Chapman Guitars ML-2!