Oliver Eckelt: Birth, life and death of the beauty - original playthrough

Songname: Birth, life and death of the beauty © copyright 2012 by Oliver Eckelt aka trenchdevil

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"Blooming Rose" by ramesh1502  http://youtu.be/sQQn5l_XLKY
Hey everybody, not a new song, i uploaded this one a few weeks ago, but i decided me to upload this song again, this time with a better video ;-) Also i re-recorded some new solos at the end of the song. Please rate and comment and share it with your friends. Don´t forget to visit my channel and to subscribe! And, very important, you have to hear this song LOUD!!! Software i used for recording, mixing and drums: Mixcraft 4, Addictive drums, MP-Tracker Hardware ;-) : Line6 Pod II, Ibanez RG 7321, Peavy strings

Time for some Ibanez action