Paul Gilbert: giving guitar lessons from his car!

Paul Gilbert is actually giving guitar lessons from his car!
Click here to witness the first sighting of anyone giving online guitar lessons from a moving vehicle.

That's the beauty of the Online Rock Guitar School with Paul Gilbert.  Not only do you get access to Paul's entire library of video lessons he created especially for his school, but whenever you have a question, you can submit a video to Paul. And as you can see, Paul goes to great lengths to respond with his own video giving you the kind of guidance that will help you get better FAST!

Of course, he's usually in his home studio, but no one but Paul Gilbert would go so far as to teach in his car.

The crazy part is that it only costs $30 per month or less, depending on the length of your subscription!

If you're interested, check out these free sample lessons and join today.  Your satisfaction is guaranteed.


Team ArtistWorks