Rowan J Parker: widdling, shredding and abusing the blues

Get disgusted looks from Blues purists as you rip up the fretboard with these supercharged Satriani inspired blues licks! Awesome and cool and not too hard to play either. What more do you want? Have at it! More great guitar at

Lick Of The Week - 15th October 2012 - Joe Satriani Supercharged Blues Licks!

The Judge returns with another terrifying guitar lick. The mutant offspring of Paul Gilbert and Frank Gamble combined in one monster riff! Tackle the 13 notes per second Gilbert inspired alternate picking run, then buckle up for Gambale style sweeping madness. Get more from the Judge at

Judge Shred - Episode 3 - Paul Gilbert/Frank Gambale Style Monster Lick!

Welcome to episode 2 The Widdler, bringing you the best in easy to play but awesome sounding guitar licks! In Episode 2 we look another simple but great pentatonic lick in the style of Zakk Wylde. Much more guitar at

The Widdler - Episode 2 - More Zakk Wylde Licks