Sylwia Urban: plays Gilmour Floyd solos

This is my friend's birthday and I decided to give her a gift.
It might seem strange but this solo is one of the hardest to play for me even though it does not require such technical skills. I hope she likes it and so do you! Feel free to leave your opinion.

To record it I used:
- my lovely friend who always put up with me even though we record something hundredth time
- Fender American Deluxe SSS
- Toneport GX

Pink Floyd - Comfortably Numb solo cover

Pink Floyd - Time solo

Pink Floyd - High Hopes solo with slide

Pink Floyd - Shine on you crazy diamond solos and improvisation


  1. Sylwia I am blown away at your talent! I have loved David Gilmour's style and music since I was oh 14? I'm 50 now - lol. I can't believe that I can hear his music coming from your hands. Beautiful. You are amazing please keep it up you are wonderful. So proud of you girl.


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