Tom Quayle: Modern Legato Part 2 - Out Now

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Part 2 of the highly popular 'Modern Legato' tutorial is finally here! Starting where Part 1 left off, this 1 hour 40 min long second part of 'Modern Legato' will really take your Legato playing to another level covering even more rhythmic subdivisions such as triplets and swing 16ths to really give you that modern fusion sound and feel. Modern legato pentatonic scale fingerings and lines are also covered in detail with lots of cool phrases in each section to inspire you. Finally, the tutorial teaches you how to improvise using your full level of technique allowing you to develop amazing technical ability even when improvising. All lines and exercises are written out in both Standard and Tom's 4th's tuning with detailed fingerings and right hand picking directions. Close up left and right hand HD footage really allows you to see what's happening in perfect detail. Straight and swing drum beats and inspiring backing tracks are included for practice.

This video lesson includes: - 1 hour 40 min Full HD (1080p) Video.
Detailed PDF transciption Booklets covering all the lines and techniques learnt.
Backing Tracks and Drum Beats - inspirational practice aids.

All this for only $25.00!

Modern Legato Part 2 - It's OUT NOW