Alex Hutchings: Sleazy Strip - total glass

The ever incredible guitar playing virtuoso that is Alex Hutchings performs his track Sleazy Strip from his Sophisticated Blues jam track package.
You can download the TAB to this track (And the other 4 in the package) as well as the backing and extended jam tracks at:

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As you will see with his brand new 5 track Sophisticated Blues series, Alex Hutchings and Blues have an incredible connection. Alex plays over each track beautifully, with passion, charisma and wonderful attention to detail in his choice of notes. Throughout each track you will learn a whole host of incredible techniques and new licks that will keep you busy for weeks. And one of the great things about this new series is that it is really accessible to players of all levels. As you will see from the promo video, Alex plays solos that will appeal to guitarists of all levels. So don't be can play these solos with practice!

Sophisticated Blues is a 5 track package and comes with solo example tracks, solo backing tracks, extended jam tracks, live video performances and complete accurate TAB and notation of all solos in PDF and powertab formats. For just £19.99, this superb new series is ready to download right now!

*NEW* Alex Hutchings - 'Sleazy Strip' at

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*NEW* Alex Hutchings - 'Sophisticated Blues' at