Brian Carroll: Buckethead - Hardly Strictly Bluegrass full performance

Please view full-screen at 1080P! Video starts off a little shaky but gets better. Some good closeups too. Soothsayer is near the end of the second part. Towers Of Gold Stage 10/2/11

Set list thanks to bucketzakkdimetconn
1. Night Of The Slunk
2. Crash Victim
3. The Embalmer
4. Meta-Matic
5. Gory Head Stump
6. Nunchucks/Dancing/Toy Handout/Bass Jam
7. Jordan
8. Pure Imagination/Wish Upon A Star
9. Soothsayer

First time shooting with my Panasonic TM700, no tripod, don't think I had steady hand on either. Should be in 1080p/60 @ 5.1 but I don't know how Youtube will convert that. Oh well, Enjoy.

Part 1:
Part 2: