Jake Reichbart: Giant Steps, John Coltrane - Fingerstyle

The majority of the DVDs are lessons on my specific song arrangements as seen on YouTube, check out these samples:  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=s935JOAs9qU  Also check out this sample from my DVD lesson "How To Arrange Any Song For Solo Guitar":  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jg-et0nVgo8 The DVDs are available in NTSC or PAL formats.

For complete info on pricing, shipping and payment just email me at jake.reichbart@gmail.com.

1) Creepin' by Stevie Wonder
2) Lately by Stevie Wonder
3) Steppin' Out by Joe Jackson
4) Do Nothin' Till You Hear From Me
5) Maxine by Donald Fagen
6) Deacon Blues by Steely Dan
7) Save a prayer by Duran Duran
8) A jazz harmony for the guitar DVD, very advanced
9) Feel Like Flying by Gino Vannelli
10) Lead electric blues guitar, brand new! 90 min., based on my guitar work on the accompanying CD to the Hal Leonard book Bass Grooves: The Ultimate Collection by Jon Liebman
11) Lead Jazz Guitar: The Art of Phrasing with Rhythmic Figures and Patterns. If you know scales, arpeggios and chords but somehow can't quite seem to put together a satisfying solo, this DVD will show you how. An hour and 20 minutes. Intermed/Adv.
12) Every Summer Night by Pat Metheny, 1 hour and 50 minutes long!
13) This Masquerade (Leon Russel/George Benson), complete arrangement, including a lengthy improvisation section. One hour and 30 min.
14) After The Love Has Gone by EW&F, an hour and 45 minutes, slowly going over every note!
15) Moonlight in Vermont, an hour and 40 minutes, extra emphasis on chord substitutions.
16) Us and Them, Pink Floyd
17) Bird of Beauty, Stevie Wonder
18) Taking A Chance On Love, an hour and 35 minutes. Chord substitutions, walking bass, improvisation and much more!
19) The Wind Cries Mary, one hour and 30 min. Includes an extended lesson segment on how to play intervals Jimi Hendrix style!
20) Babylon Sisters by Steely Dan, nearly two hours long! AND includes a complete TAB!
21) With a Little Help From My Friends, The Beatles, 90 minutes.
22) Hall & Oates "Double Feature", two songs on one DVD, Sara Smile and One on One! An hour and 40 minutes. Samples from these lessons are available as part of my latest uploads of these two songs.
23) Michael Jackson - Jackson Five "Double Feature", two songs on one DVD, I'll Be There & Never Can Say Goodbye! An hour and 40 minutes.
24) Blues in G, 80 minutes, learn how to play the blues for solo guitar in the style of Joe Pass. Advanced!
25) Emily, Chord substitutions, lead, bass lines... 80 minutes.
26) My Cherie Amour - Stevie Wonder, one hour and 15 minutes. Includes a TAB as well!!! Widescreen
27) Blue In Green - one hour and 35 minutes. Heavily focused on chord substitutions. Not for the harmonically faint of heart - very advanced!! Widescreen
28) All The Things You Are - an hour and 20 minutes. Chord melody, chord substitutions, lead... One of my best! intermed/adv. Widescreen
29) How Deep Is Your Love - my most viewed solo guitar performance on YouTube is finally available as a 90 minute DVD lesson in widescreen!
30) I'm Not In Love by 10CC, Widescreen
31) The theme from the James Bond film Goldfinger, Widescreen
32) So May It Secretly Begin, Pat Metheny, Widescreen
33) Change The World, Eric Clapton, Widescreen
34) Through The fire, Chaka Khan - an hour and 20 minutes, Widescreen
35) Hey Nineteen, Steely Dan - an hour and 20 minutes, Widescreen
36) Make Me Smile, Chicago - an hour and 25 minutes, Widescreen
37) I Talk To The Wind, King Crimson, Widescreen
38) Baby Come Back, Player - an hour and 20 minutes, Widescreen
39) Just You 'N' Me, Chicago - an hour and 20 minutes, Widescreen
40) Because You Loved Me, Celine Dion, an hour and 10 minutes, Widescreen
41) Can't Find My Way Home - Blind Faith, Steve Winwood - In Widescreen
42) Every Little Thing She Does Is Magic - The Police - In Widescreen
43) I Want To Know What Love Is - Foreigner - In Widescreen
44) "If you leave me now" by Chicago, Widescreen
45) Third world Man, Steely Dan, Widescreen
46) Something, The Beatles, George Harrison, Widescreen, an hour and 25 minutes
47) "Don't you (forget about me)", Simple Minds, Widescreen, an hour and 20 minutes
48) Witchcraft, Widescreen, an hour and 25 minutes
49) Travels, Pat Metheny Group, Widescreen, an hour and 10 minutes
50) And I Love Her, The Beatles, Widescreen, an hour and 30 minutes
51) Kid Charlemagne, Steely Dan, Widescreen, an hour and 30 minutes
52) Comfortably Numb, Pink Floyd, Widescreen, an hour and 20 minutes
53) Badge, Cream, Widescreen, an hour and 5 minutes
54) Greatest Love Of All, Whitney Houston, widescreen, an hour and 30 minutes
55) Unbreak My Heart, Toni Braxton, widescreen, an hour and 20 minutes
56) The Crystal Ship, The Doors, Widescreen, an hour and 15 minutes
57) Thank You, Led Zeppelin, Widescreen, an hour and 15 minutes
58) Dream Of The Return, Pat Metheny Group, Widescreen, an hour and 30 minutes
59) Big Log, Robert Plant, Widescreen, an hour and 30 minutes

Giant Steps, John Coltrane - Solo Fingerstyle Jazz Guitar Arrangement, Jake Reichbart