Maneli Jamal: Meditative Guitar

Sorry about the delay in uploading a new improvisation. I've had a busy lil life with the acoustic guitar but felt damn good to let this out. I really like the way this one came out. It has potential for a composition that I may start working on. I write most of my songs based off improvisations so who knows, maybe you'll hear some of these motifs in a new tune soon! Let me know your thoughts on this one.

My favorite part of this improvisation is at 0:01 - 0:32

Ever since I got my first guitar and sat with it for the first time in 2001, I improvised. I have been improvising and letting myself loose since then and thought this may be a cool new series to show you all not only my compositions but my present feelings as I improvise. Hope you can feel what I was trying to say with these.

Video recorded on an iPhone 4s and played on a Cole Clark Culprit I electric guitar.

Maneli Jamal - Improvisation 11 - Meditative Guitar