Michael Angelo Batio: Kickstarter for new CD

http://conta.cc/U2oaaA - This Kickstarter program is for Michael Angelo Batio "Intermezzo" Album Project. Why Kickstarter? Unless you're an artist like Taylor Swift or Justin Bieber you can no longer count on a record company to promote your project. That's why MAB has created a Kickstarter program to help record, master and promote his ground breaking new album, "Intermezzo." The Kickstarter program allows an artist's friends and fans the opportunity to financially back a project in exchange for some great prizes. Power to the people!

Prizes? Did somebody say prizes? This is your chance to support a guitarist that has contributed to your passion for guitar. So, it's your chance to give back to Michael and get a little something in return.

One of my favorite prizes is, if you contribute $100 you'll be listed as an "Executive Producer" of MAB's new album. That might not look too bad on your resume! Even better, you could make some money on a bar bet or two: "Hey dude, did you hear that I'm an executive producer on Michael Angelo Batio's new album? You don't believe me? Want to bet?"

Not into prestige and impressive titles? Okay, how about owning an MAB 1 Signature guitar that was actually used while recording the project? If that's not enough you can make more than one pledge. So, you can pledge $3,000 for the guitar, pledge another $1,200 and play on stage with Michael (with your new guitar), for another $2,500 he'll perform at your house for 30 of your friends. That's right, your chance to party like a rock star with a rock star!

The Kickstarter program lasts for 30 days and it starts today. Some of the prizes are limited so make your pledge right now. For as little as a $10 pledge you can own a Michael Angelo Batio Signature Blue Jazz 3 guitar pick - that has been used by MAB!
If the project isn't funded within 30 days your pledge will cost you nothing. Make your pledge today and be a part of history. Assume the shred position!

Let me make one thing clear, when you make a pledge for a prize you get the prize. In other words, if you pledge $100 YOU will be listed as an Executive Producer on the album credits. To learn all about this program and the many prizes offered follow this link:http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/15580365/michael-angelo-batio-intermezzo-...

Michael Angelo Batio Kickstarter Program