Paco Hernandez: Schecter Hellraiser C8 - Invincible

Here I am again. It´s more than two years for me without uploading videos. Surely two uninspiring and dark years in which, amongst other things, I almost give up music. But all that is History and I´m back with a vengeance: here it is a video of me performing my most recent song, "Invincible", both in guitar and keyboards, in HD and toying for the first time with Adobe Premiere -and all the split screen stuff-. I also play my new -monster!- guitar, a Schecter Hellraiser C8, which I really, really love. I feel like at home when playing it, the EMGs sound better than ever here and the looks are just awesome (especially if you are a Castlevania fan, like me hehe).

This one goes dedicated to Vince DiCola. The song also sort of represents the stages in my mind from the dark moments to the brigh ones in these years. Nothing, I thought, like the vibe of Vince´s music to express a feeling of triumph.

I hope you like it :-)

Paco Hernández - "Invincible" A tribute to Vince DiCola