Steve Vai: Ibanez, DiMarzio special meet and greet package for Sweden!

Ibanez Steve Vai Meet & Greet Package
Guitar legend Steve Vai are out on an extensive European tour with three highly anticipated stops in Sweden in November. We are celebrating this with offering three unique Steve Vai meet & greet signature package, one packed for every show.

- Malmö on 24/11
- Stockholm on 25/11
- Gothenburg on 26/11 SOLD!

There are only 3 packages available so itis first come first served.
Each package includes.

- 1st Meet & Greet Pass / Ticket *
- 1st Steve Vai signature Ibanez JEM505-WH guitar
- 1st Steve Vai Ibanez Jemini distortion / overdrive pedal
- 1st Steve Vai signature DiMarzio leather cliplock strap
- 1st DiMarzio Steve Vai signature cable
- 10st Ibanez Steve Vai signature plectrum.

The whole packed are sold at a price much, much lower than the price of the individual parts.
Basically at the same price as only the guitar are here in Sweden.

You get to see a fantastic show, meet Steve with a chance to his autograph on CDs, your guitar or whatever you want. You also get your picture taken with Steve by a photographer.

* you will meet up with Magnus Olsson, guitarist, Ibanez/DiMarzio artist and representative of Ibanez and DiMarzio at the show you have the package for.
Magnus will take care of you for the evening, hand you your ticket and pass and make sure you get to meet mr Vai. The meet and greet will be after the show.

Each buyer will be contacted by Magnus for all details before the show.

Buyers can be from anywhere in the world but must be able to get to the show at his own expense.