Andy McLaughlan: Guitar On Sky - Man Of The Year!

Considering his passionate attempts in developing guitar community by conducting some of guitar masterclassess like what Andy has been doing over the year of 2012 with Tom Quayle, Rick Graham, and the latest George Marios in Wishaw Guitar Lesson, by this I'd like to give him my salutation and respect.

So without no doubt, I'm proud to announce officially that Guitaronsky Man of The Year 2012, goes to: Andy McLaughlan!


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Guitaronsky Man of The Year 2012: Andy McLaughlan

Laurie Monk:
For me, Andy McLaughlan has created some great learning opportunities for guitar players looking to get to the next level with his clinic presentations. In addition, Andy has captured some of the more memorable interviews with guitar players, not only a guitar players interview, but a guitar fans interview too!

A Conversation with Alex Hutchings

In Conversation with Tom Quayle