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Angela Tapias: Guitarist - Musician with Emphasis in Teaching - Bogota / Colombia

I called this song "Thank You God" because my life is not long enough to thank him for everything he has done for me! I thank him for his huge LOVE, that i cannot reach to understand. and his fidelity regardless my faults... To thank God I made this composition, because it was HIM who made me play this instrument again!. Because HE gave me something to live for. Because HE made me realize that there's nothing i lack of. Because HE made me dream again, believe again, and care about every day i can breath and every person he put by my side...specially my family! ... The reasons to thank HIM are countless!! and I'm just able to try to say it with every single note....THANK YOU GOD!!

Thank You God - Angela Tapias

Angela Tapias is the featured artist on for December 2012