Brian Carroll: Buckethead the boy named Boo!

As a kid, Brian's mom nicknamed him "Boo" because of his obsession with 
monsters and robots, and he took karate lessons from the age of ten. By the 
time he was 13, he'd picked up guitar under the spell of Angus Young and 
Randy Rhoads, whose classic "Crazy Train" riff and 32nd note pull off runs are 
echoed on Bucketheadland's "Park Theme" (The Japan-only release is available 
through Avant/Disc Union, 2-13-1 Iidabashi Chiyoda-Ky, Tokyo 102, Japan, or 
direct from Buckethead). "I was really into sports, but I liked guitar because it 
was something you could do all by yourself," he recalls. Yngwie Malmsteen's 
early recordings, some of them only available as Japanese imports - like many 
of Bucket's albums - were a major revelation. 
"When Yngwie came out he was totally in your face; you can tell he just 
wanted to destroy," Caroll raves. "It's so dramatic, and that aspect of it was as 
cool as the speed. Plenty of people play fast but they don't set it up like he 
does. Like the way "Far Beyond the Sun" builds and builds until there's a 
break, and then the guitar rips into it - the payoff is so great. Yngwie had that 
fire and even now I'm trying to use that to motivate me. The fact that he hasn't 
changed is pretty rad too. He doesn't care what people think and I admire that." 

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