Guthrie Govan: Douglas Docker talks about Docker's Guild part 2

"The Mystic Technocracy: Season 1": a deeper look at the music in the first half of the album.

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Docker's Guild "Diabolus in Musica" (Part 2) [Featurette 5]

Docker's Guild "Diabolus in Musica" (Part 1) [Featurette 4]

Douglas R Docker: Keyboards, lead vocals, backing vocals, spoken voice.
John Payne: Lead and backing vocals.
Göran Edman: Lead and backing vocals, spoken voice.
Tony Mills: Lead and backing vocals.
Amanda Somerville: Lead and backing vocals.
Guthrie Govan: Guitars.
Jeff Watson: Rhythm and lead guitar, 12-string guitar.
Gregg Bissonette: Drums.
Magnus Jacobson: Drums.
Tony Franklin: Bass.
Donald D. Docker: Alto and tenor sax, clarinet, spoken voice.
Additional spoken voices:
Silvana Momigliano / Touria Nouri / Andrea Rampa / Janthana Rodjakkhen / Davide Ronfetto.

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01. A Matter Of Energy.
02. The Mystic Technocracy.
03. Darwin's Tears.
04. Norse Cosmogony (Part 1).
05. Norse Cosmogony (Part 2).
06. Judeo-Christian Cosmogony.
07. The Divine Comedy.
08. Legion Of Aliens.
09. Loving The Alien.
10. The Gem Of Love.
11. The Secret of DNA (Part 1).
12. Purple Orb.
13. The Secret of DNA (Part 2).
14. Prophecy.
15. Black Swans.

Produced by Douglas R. Docker
Mixed by Simon Hanhart at The John and Ollie Music Facility, London, UK
Mastered by Mike Lind at Masterplant, Saltsjö-Boo, Sweden
Recorded at the Planet of Freedom Studio, Luserna San Giovanni, Italy