James Williams: Eclectic Shred - awesome track from new solo album

James Williams: Eclectic Shred
A progressive blistering guitar work masterpiece that can be compared to Yngwie Malmsteen Rising Force,Micheal Romeo, Jason Becker,Al Dimeola,and Paul Gilbert.This record is s masterpiece of guitar virtuoso shred and brilliant music for the ages.
Much to the excitement of guitarists around the world, guitar virtuoso James Williams new solo CD 'Eclectic Shred' Featuring guest appearances by Mike LePond from Symphony X and Matt Guillroy from James Labrie/Yngwie Malmsteen, and to be released on the Eclectic Shred label, the new CD by James Willams is an excercize in guitar wizardry, the likes of which have not been heard before!

James has appeared in Guitar Player Magazine with Mike Varney of Shrapnel Records, who said, “James's impressive guitar pyrotechnics are highlighed by arpeggios, speed picking, vibrato and guitar harmonies that work together to create inspiring high level passages that sometimes remind me of Yngwie Malmsteen.” James has recorded with the late bassist Wyman Tisdale and also legendary bassist/composer/arranger Marcus Miller. Performances with guitarist Norman Brown, saxophonist Gerald Albright and many other top artists, along with years of exposure to classical, jazz, metal and R&B, James has created a diverse sound that is on the cutting edge of today's guitarists. Says James,“My inspiration is always to achieve something musical that will last and inspire others.”

James Williams Eclectic Shred-Eclectic Shred(Title Track)