Lee Luland: Prospekt announce The Colourless Sunrise - new album

Formed in 2007 by guitarist Lee Luland and drummer Blake Richardson, the band Prospekt was unleashed. Lee and Blake forged a sound that would epitomize the Prospekt sound, technical and progressive.

With the addition of bassist Phil Wicker and vocalist Matt Winchester,
Prospekt began writing music for their first demo, to be released at the beginning of 2010. The demo features three original co...See more
"…I've heard a lot of great free releases so far this year, but Prospekt is surely towards the top of that list. This young act is technically advanced, compositionally skillful, and innovative in approach - not much more I can ask for from a prog metal band! I simply can't wait to hear what these guys have cooking up for their full-length debut (due out in 2012). 4 stars are deserved for this promising and highly impressive EP…" - Seaoftranquility.org

"…..you don't need to read the review go see/hear for yourself the wonderful magic these young lions of music have made so very well ..PROSPEKT will make it big or I'll eat my hat …" - ShredKnowledge.com

"….Without hesitation I dare to say this should be signed immediately. A wonderful debut mini-Album. It’s a freight train running over you. The mixed Vocals/Grunts is a superb hybrid between Technical Metal and Progressive Symphonical rock. Stunning rhythm sections with screaming Guitar extravaganza. A full 100 % for this British Breakthrough Discovery." - Proggnosis.com

"…It's great to hear an English band taking on a very American style and sub-genre of metal and potentially delivering the goods as well as the best bands out there…fabulous" - realgonerocks.blogspot.com

"…they manage to find just the right balance of awkward time signatures, guitar heroics and power vocals to make the genre palatable even to the haters. And they kick some killer grooves too…This EP proves that Prospekt are one of the best bands in the burgeoning Oxford metals scene. Epic." - Oxford Music Scene Magazine

"…soaring falsetto vocals of Matt Winchester, Luland (easily one of the most technically gifted young guitarists in the county) and his band craft exquisitely subtle yet brutal hardcore-cum-symphonic metal…What’s refreshing is the lack of self- consciousness or irony about Prospekt’s approach – they pay homage to myriad metal clich├ęs while simultaneously keeping it fresh: party music for Viking feasts in Valhalla…" - Nightshift Magazine
"...The solos on this EP are brilliant, supremely melodic while showing off incredible technique…on a par with the likes of Dream Theater? Ok that’s a pretty high standard to achieve but they are definitely on their way…" - GuitarNoize.com

"..I don't give points but hell this can have my 10/10 …great soloing, great vocals and sweet drumming…man these boys have some serious magic going on…" - Shredknowledge.com

Short excerpt of each track from our up and coming debut album 'The Colourless Sunrise' mastered by Jens Bogren (Opeth, Symphony X, Devin Townsend etc).

Lookout for the 2013 release info/date soon...http://www.facebook.com/ProspektUK


 The Colourless Sunrise - Full Album Teaser