Mika Tyyskä: Mr Fastfinger Expressive Modes - Spirit Hunt

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Mika Tyyskä -- Mr. Fastfinger -- Expressive Modes

EARTH GROOVES -- Mixolydian (2:25)
SPIRIT HUNT -- Dorian (2:50)

IN CIRCLES -- Lydian (2:57)

INVISIBLE WHIP -- Aeolian / Minor (2:58)

GREAT BLUE WAVE -- Ionian (2:37)

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5 full length backing tracks in MP3

5 extended jam tracks in MP3
5 full length video performances by Mika in MP4

Complete TAB and notation in PDF and Powertab format

Expressive Modes - Modal explorations
I wanted to create a set of jams that are enjoyable to jam along. Nothing too difficult, but rather something that is inspirational for the leads in everypossible way. I also decided to focus on the major scale modes. You will find each track always focusing one main mode. But there's always more than one mode applied in each jam. Master the modes, as Mr. Fastfinger would say here!

The guitar solos were played in Mr. Fastfinger style ofcourse. There's plenty of melodies, cool licks, riffs, exposions, rhythmic playfulness, chase scenes, mystical feelings, emotions, fun and all sort of technical challenges for you to check out and study!

In the end I'm so very glad how the whole set of songs and jams came out. 5 brand new Mr. Fastfinger songs. Songs work well as stand alone listenable music. But they are also great cases to study and work your guitar playing too. Creating this whole set was a wonderful experience for me. Now I hope it will help you to fly your guitar playing to new dimensions!


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