News: Announcing Circus Freak Stomp Boxes!

GRAND RAPIDS, MICHIGAN, DECEMBER 7th, 2012 – Circus Freak Music,  the producers of fine guitar processing effects, announce the launch of their first four guitar pedals (aka Stomp Boxes): The Bearded Lady Fuzztone, The Lion Tamer Compressor, The Pickled Punk Distortion and the Tattooed Lady Overdrive. These first four effects are now available for purchase on their website –

"We are excited to unleash “the Freaks” to the musician community,” said Circus Freak Music CEO Shannon Near. “By combining expert engineering, one of a kind branding and artwork, and most importantly - exceptional tone - we know they’ll be part of the discerning musician’s pedal board for a long time to come.”

This is the first product release from Circus Freak Music, and they plan to produce other high quality guitar and keyboard effects in the next 6-12 months.

“We cannot wait to get our products to the market,“ said AJ Dunning, President of Circus Freak. “We are proud of the effort our team puts in for each pedal, and know that we’ll accommodate all musicians looking for quality products and unique tone.”

Along with their first four pedals, Circus Freak will also be selling their unique branding via wearables, including T-shirts and hats, on their website:

Circus Freak Music manufactures high quality instrument effects processing
equipment for musicians worldwide. By utilizing period accurate electronics
with modern reliability, Circus Freak is able to bring classic and modern tones to
musicians in a reliable fashion.

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