News: YouTube moving to another level

Dear Creator,

Soon you’ll see an improved YouTube, one you helped us build. The new site design will help you build a bigger, more connected audience by improving new channel discovery, simplifying subscriptions, and keeping your fans plugged in and aware of your new videos no matter where they are.
Over the past seven years, YouTube has grown incredibly fast, driven by you -- your creation, your uploading and your engagement with your fans. Together, we’re changing the face of entertainment, education, news, sports, and media.
Last year we launched the Guide on the YouTube homepage, to help transition YouTube from a video-to-video experience, to a place where you're programming the channels of the future. We’re always listening to your feedback on how we could make this experience even better. For example, we’ve heard a lot about how the subscription box could work, and what the home page could show for people who aren’t signed in. You’ve also suggested that we make it easier for people to find your channels, and for your fans to be alerted when you’ve released new videos.  We’ve used your input to improve how people find, watch, and stay connected to the channels they love.
Here’s how we’re changing the site to support your channels:
  • The Guide on the YouTube homepage is now more current and makes subscriptions more meaningful. It will eventually appear everywhere on the site, as well as on mobile and other devices, helping your subscribers see all your new uploads no matter where they are.
  • Your video takes center stage on the video viewing page. By moving all the video information and engagement below the video player, the cleaner experience will encourage extended viewing.
  • We are making it easier to subscribe with enhanced channel recommendations.
We know change isn’t easy, so we don’t take it lightly. Our experiments show that the new design drives subscriptions and keeps fans better connected to their favorite content.
There’s more to come in 2013, including improvements to channels, commenting, and more. As always, we depend on your input to guide our thinking and planning.
Let’s keep building the future of video together.
The YouTube Creator team