Richard Hallebeek: The RHPII preorder booklet is ready now

Richard Hallebeek

The RHPII preorder booklet is ready now. It's a pretty luxury affair - a booklet with a 4 page lesson from me called 'Intervallic Designs' where I've transcribed some lines that were actually played on the album. There's a 4 page lesson from Lalle Larsson on his song 'Speed City Blues', three charts (I promised two, but threw in an extra one, what the heck ;-) for the songs 'Bring It On' (with Guthrie Govan), Third Phase (with Jose de Castro) and 'Think Of Something' (with Andy Timmons) a diminished lesson and a lesson on finding chords in scales. We hope to get everything out in december to the preorderers. Thanks all for your patience and support! — with Martin Verdonk, Lalle Larsson, Frans Vollink and Sebastiaan Cornelissen.