Rick Marcel: Pink Strat Liquid Pickups

***Please try to use headphones or earbuds to hear the great sound quality.***

This is a demo by Rick Marcel of the new Liquid Pickups installed in his Pink Strat.
This set has the Red Glow in the Dark Acrylic tops and 2 different fluids.
(Neck & Bridge have same fluid and Mid has different).

BIG Note: This guitar is an $80.00 Rondo SX Strat with the original electronics.

Signal chain is direct into a Fender Blues Jr. with NO effects and recorded live on a Zoom Q3HD with no special audio processing.
(No other micing done other than the Zoom so the talking is a little low)

Recorded in one of the practice rooms at Magik Recording Studio / Houston, TX.
Please forgive the limited lighting and the low audio commentary by Rick. He was sick and hoarse.

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Liquid Pickups™ with Fluid Sound Technology™
Brought to you by the boys at Ferro-Kings.

Special thanks to NASA for inventing such cool new concepts

Rick Marcel - Pink Strat with new Liquid Pickups.mpeg


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