Simon Kinny-Lewis: She's Gone

Jack Thammarats 'She's Gone' performance by Simon Kinny-Lewis dedicated to Christian Howes Check out my NEW Blues/Rock album " Behind the Blue Mask" that will be available on itunes and via my website December 2012. Click here to hear previews via my sound cloud. It's a mixture of some of my favorite guitarist's Robben Ford, Steve Lukather, Frank Gambale.

This is my improvisation using the Boss eBand JS-8 over Jack Thammarats 'Melodic Freeway Series 1' 'She's Gone' backing track. Jack Thammarat and Martin Miller have been really inspirational players to me of late. I dedicate this Jam to my favorite contemporary Violinist Christian Howes. Please subscribe to my YouTube channel to be updated when new video's are posted... ENJOY!