Tom Quayle: From Rock To Fusion by Tom Quayle

Looking for that special Christmas gift?

LickLibrary’s From Rock to Fusion, by Tom Quayle, is aimed at intermediate to advanced rock / blues / country guitar players wanting to make the move to fusion or a changes based style of playing. This guitar lesson DVD, bought to you by LickLibrary, will help you develop killer chops and improve your theory knowledge in and easy and exciting way.

From Rock To Fusion By Tom Quayle (RRP £19.99) is split in to three main sections. The first section shows you how to improve your legato and hybrid picking, then demonstrates how to use them in arpeggios and scales to get an ultra-modern sound. It then takes these new skills and shows you how to build lines with a more fusionistic sound. The next section examines phrasing using specific note groups and how jazz and fusion guitarists practice these ideas. The final part covers playing over chord progressions used by jazz and fusion guitarists and then moves onto more complex progressions and explains non-functional harmonies. All this, plus five backing tracks with different changes and static chord groups for you to play over and extensive tabs for all the phrases, licks and concepts discussed in the DVD.

Sharing his knowledge is Tom Quayle, Guitar Idol finalist 2008 at the London Guitar Show. He is an in demand teacher, session musician and a fusion player with a highly developed knowledge of harmony, blistering technique and gorgeous tone. A regular contributor to iGuitar magazine, this is Tom’s first instructional DVD for LickLibrary.

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