Allan Holdsworth: Chad Wackerman - The Fifth (from "Dreams Nightmares and Improvisations")

Chad Wackerman feat. Allan Holdsworth (USA) - The Fifth (from "Dreams Nightmares and Improvisations")

from the album:
Dreams Nightmares and Improvisations
self-released, 2012
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Musicians on this album:
Chad Wackerman - drums
Allan Holdsworth - guitar
Jimmy Johnson - bass
Jim Cox - keyboards

Four masters of musical improvisation collaborate on the latest release from esteemed drummer Chad Wackerman. Known for his work with Frank Zappa, Allan Holdsworth and James Taylor, Wackerman blurs the line between composed and improvised pieces on Dreams, Nightmares and Improvisations. The featured musicians: guitar legend Allan Holdsworth, bassist Jimmy Johnson and keyboard player Jim Cox, have all developed a unique musical telepathy with Wackerman over decades, which is allowed to shine on this inventive, adventurous CD.
Ranging from atmospheric to edgy, the music on Dreams, Nightmares and Improvisations showcases four creative musicians at the height of their musical powers. Wackerman has structured the CD so that the interplay between the performers is ever-present. Many of the improvised pieces sound like fully formed compositions, while the written pieces provide ample opportunities for spontaneous flow. Listen to the sparks fly as musical bonds deepen on this incredible new CD.

“Chad Wackerman has a beautiful ear for harmonies and melodies that lets your inner musician soar, and with 'Dreams, Nightmares and Improvisations' it comes together and expresses his potential as an artist. All the musicians who play on this record are the inspired elite and on this CD they create a magnificent and ethereal listening experience.” ~Steve Vai