Bryan Steeksma: Wonderful Slippery Thing - break down

Welcome. If you're watching this then chances are you have been mesmerized by Guthrie Govans smooth guitar playing. Join the ranks of many guitarists who are greatly inspired by him.

This is a part by part breakdown of his song Wonderful Slippery Thing. I do not go into the improvisation parts in this video. I only break down the parts of the song that Guthrie plays consistently.

I will make another video of how I would approach improvising to this song, and how I believe Guthrie approaches his solos. Its too much to fit into this one vid.

Anyway, hope you all enjoy.

PeaceLesson: Step By Step Breakdown of Wonderful Slippery Thing

Wonderful Slippery Thing: Improvising (1, b3, b6, 5)


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