Chris Brooks: Arpeggio Alchemy - lessons with tab

First lick for 2013! Works a treat over Dorian and Aeolian and as the 6th (13th) is the only note that doesn't make an appearance somewhere. Share it around if you dig! This Dm11-based arpeggio lick makes use of sweeping, hammers, pulls and slides, and also incorporates a few chromatic passing tones. Timing is important so be vigilant!

Get the transcription:


Gear: 2012 FSR Strat into Wampler Pinnacle pedal, into a Roland 2w micro cube which was double tracked for stereo goodness.

Chris Brooks Guitar: Arpeggio Alchemy, lick #1 in the style of Richie Kotzen

Chris Brooks: Arpeggio Alchemy #2 ( Fender FSR Strat )