Dave Pearson,Zsolt Galántai: Computerchemist release new CD

New double album Computerchemist release: "Signatures I & II" ft. Zsolt Galántai Jan 6th 2013

With the addition of the acclaimed Hungarian drummer, Zsolt Galántai, formerly of the rock band “Ossian” and “Baba Yaga”, 'computerchemist' Dave Pearson has produced a new double album "Signatures I." & "Signatures II.", to be released 6th January 2013.

A live two-hour exclusive interview and album launch will be on ARFM's "Sunday Synth" this Sunday 6th Jan 2013 @ 10:00GMT/11:00CET/05:00EST repeats Monday 7th Jan @ 20:00GMT/21:00CET/15:00EST at arfm.co.uk

“This is a merging of instrumental electronic music and prog rock with a touch of metal at times.. all with crazy time signatures” – Bruce Gall, ARFM

“Pour a bit of ‘Ozric Tentacle’, then add some tasty Pink Floyd sounds mixed with some classic Tangerine Dream textures. Stir well, then add a bucketload of Dave Pearson’s own imaginative style. Shake again and stir it well, and you’ll have the latest Computerchemist masterpiece!” – Kristian Persson

"On his new two-disc release, Computerchemist (aka Dave Pearson) tries an interesting strategy. He gave drummer Zsolt Galántai sets of time signatures to follow, then had Galántai improvise what were essentially long solos. Pearson then went back in and, in tried-and-true Computerchemist fashion, attacked them with the dual weapons of progressive rock and Berlin school concepts. The outcome is a long stretch of fiery, flaring, feel-good tunes that will have you turning up the volume... huge, exhilarating, face-melting gobs of prog-fueled joy. Come and get it.” – John Shanahan, Hypnagogue

Label: Terrainflight TF007
Release Date: 6th January, 2013

Track Listing

caterpillar pirouette
six phase mains
convection of the 9
broken daliuette
landform 2012 (bonus track)
Dave Pearson: keyboards, sequencer programming, bass & lead guitars
Zsolt Galántai: drums

Artwork and design: Angiewoman

All composing, mixing and mastering in the digital domain at terrainflight hungary and zsolt studios budapest between Jul 2011 and Oct 2012
Written & produced by Dave Pearson & Zsolt Galántai
Tracks 1-7 ©℗ 2013 Dave Pearson & Zsolt Galántai, track 8 ©℗ 2008 Dave Pearson
Terrainflight TF007
Terrainflight is a trading name of Each2 kft.