Desiree Bassett: Talks Cirque Du Soleil's Michael Jackson with Dave Reffett

We recently spoke with Immortal World Tour lead guitarist Desiree Bassett, who is tasked with recreating a host of legendary guitar parts on Jackson's songs — night after night, city after city.

GUITAR WORLD: You've jammed with some of rock's elite, including Ted Nugent, Sammy Hagar and others. What's your background, and how did you get to be where you are now?

I started playing guitar at age 3. My dad taught me how to play, everything from how to play chords, scales, how to change strings and how to tune. To this day, we still teach each other so much. If it wasn't for my dad, in terms of his being there for me and being so supportive, I probably never would have gotten this far in life with the one thing I love to do most.

In terms of exposure, it's a matter of constantly practicing, getting yourself out there (YouTube has been the best tool for sure) and having the right connections, someone to support you. For me, it's my dad. But the most important thing is to have a good, positive attitude and just have fun and do what you do best.

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