Fred Brum: Toolshed - KxK Scale 7 - Jaden Rose - last before NAMM

Fred Brum - Toolshed (KxK Scale 7 - Jaden Rose JHM)
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Hello, everyone! This video is my last one before NAMM next week, but I wanted to do it as I finally got my fantastic new KxK fanned fret 7 from Rob. Almost everything on this axe, from bridge to pickups, is also made by Rob, and he really went the extra mile to make sure my "none more red" thing worked beautifully. Since this is a great guitar from the guy that makes my favourite neck-thru types, I decided to pair it with my #1 7-string, my ash Jaden Rose JHM, and they work great together! :)

Specs-wise, the KxK has a maple neck-through body construction with mahogany wings, and the hardware is Rob's own for the most part (safe for the Sperzel tuners, pot covers and the like, of course). The JHM has a swamp ash body with bolt-on maple neck with bubinga stripes and a rosewood board, OFR bridge and DiMarzio Tone Zone 7 / Air Norton 7 pickups with a 1 meg pot.

The tech stuff people will probably ask in comments anyway:
- Guitars: KxK Scale 7 / Jaden Rose JHM
- Kemper Profiling Amp / Laney Ironheart into Zilla cab mic'd with a SM57
- Hufschmid and Sik Pik picks (D35)
- Reaper
- More Soplica vodka from Poland. Almost out now. FML.