Josh Christian: Toxik ready to record and perform

I have a copy of this in LP format
Josh Christian has revealed Toxik are preparing to work on a new full-length album and live dates. Christian comments: "I've been writing this crazy heavy stuff for the last year. In 2007 when we got together, the absence of new material made the reunion feel more like jam sessions. This time around its based like it was originally on a collection of songs with a vibe. The plan is record and perform"

Vocalist Mike Sanders and bassist Brian Bonini have also committed to taking part in the Toxik reunion.


  1. World Circus and Think This are classics. Josh, Brian, and Mike would never allow anything less than the finest quality metal come forth from the reunion. Sure, I wish Tad was a part of things, but he is a busy man with his band Lucertola, who are OUTSTANDING quality metal. I await the impending awesomeness!


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